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Ekegant Awnings and Shutters for Your Window

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Identifying Quality Interior Shutter

1. Shutters have proper louver tension
The shutters louvers should be smooth and stay in the desired position throughout the lifetime of the shutter. Some manufacturers feature “tension screws” on the side of each shutter panel, with one tension screw required for each louver section. The problem with tension screws occurs over time, when tightening the screws becomes necessary on a regular basis. Eventually, the louvers within a single shutter unit will not have uniform tension because the louver sections adapt to the tension screw differently. Polywood, vinyl, fauxwood, and synthetic shutters usually have an extremely tight louver tension. It is then difficult to put the louvers exactly in the desired location, and the rotation of the louvers is difficult. The best technique for providing uniform tension that will remain constant is a split nylon pin tension system that requires no maintenance.

2. Shutters are built from a quality material
Wood is the most preferable material for building shutters, and not all woods are made alike. Basswood is a superior wood because it is among the straightest of hardwoods with a fine uniform texture and indistinct grain. It can be sanded and stained to a smooth finish, and it is lightweight yet very strong.

3. Shutters are purchased from reliable company
You should research the company from which you plan to purchase your shutters. They need to be a reputable, knowledgeable, support oriented, and accessible. We recommend you test their knowledge by asking questions. Check out their credibility with an organization such as the Better Business Bureau, and check to see if they have a list of customer comments or references. The company needs to be prepared to communicate all of the necessary information to you about purchasing interior shutters. They need to have a staff that is experienced and available for technical questions. It is frustrating when the only knowledgeable person is always “in the field”.

4. Shutters are mortised for hinges
Mortised hinges are important to achieve a tight fit within your window opening. Without a mortised panel, a gap appears on the hanging side that allows light to break between the shutter panel and the window jamb. It should not be necessary to mortise the window jamb.

5. Shutters are rabbeted stiles between panels
Rabbeted stiles between shutter panels reduces light breaks between panels. A significant gap is created in between panels that are simply butted up against one another.

6. View a shutter sample
The shutter company should be able to supply you with a finished sample shutter. This way you can view the quality of construction and finish first-hand. It is beneficial for you also to hold the shutter in the window to visualize how the shutters will attach and look in your house.

7. Shutters should have quality finish
A quality paint or stain finish is essential to the overall satisfaction with your shutter purchase. A paint finish should be smooth, thick, and complete. You should be unable to feel the wood grain and it should show through the paint. A stain finish should be even with a proper top protective coat.

8. Custom built for each individual window
There are no standard windows. A proper custom shutter unit needs to be built for each individual window opening to the 1/16 inch. Any more will result in possible unnecessary gaps in the shutter unit. Do not assume that because two or more windows look the same, that they are the same. Many times proper measuring will show that each window is unique.

Awesome Awnings for Your Home

Awnings are coverings attached to the external walls of a building for providing covering over an area and is occasionally used as a signboard or billboard.

They are used for protection against sunlight, rain, snow and wind and are
generally attached over windows, doors and sidewalks. By using poles for support awnings can be stretched over a large area.

The material used for awnings is acrylic cloth or canvas. Beautiful and attractive patterns can be printed on awnings to get an aesthetic appeal. Today an awning can be made to almost any design, shape and color.

The framework for awnings is generally made of wood, iron, steel or aluminum. Aluminum is preferred as it is lighter than iron or steel. The framework consists of trusses, border frames or space frames.

Awnings attached over the windows protect windows from sunlight and help in keeping rooms cooler. For air conditioned rooms awnings can bring down the electricity consumption by almost 25%. A very good saving.

There are many companies providing awnings. Most of them do free costing and provide free estimates. Awnings are a very popular way for advertising business and come in attractive colors, graphics, fonts and patterns.

Awnings add color and brightness to a place. Awnings can be backlit or front lit. Backlit material for awnings is different than front lit material. Vinyl laminated or coated polyester is used for backlit awnings. The other material used for awnings is PVC coated mesh, Acrylic, Vinyl or resin coated polyester, Acrylic painted cotton/polyester, etc.

It is prudent to insist on fire retardant material/paint on awnings. Generally awnings are not covered by insurance. Some awnings are temporary and can be retracted. Most awnings are retracted during winter to prevent awning damage by collection of snow. The retraction method can be manual or motorized.

The cleaning of awning for removing mildew and stains is fairly easy. It can be done with mild soap and a soft brush. Vinyl awnings mildew easily.

The design of the frame for awnings should be such that no water pools on the top of the awning. Pooling of water on awnings can damage the awning cloth and the graphics printed on it. Wind gusts of more than 25 miles per hour speed can also damage awnings. During strong winds it is vise to retract them.

The graphics on awnings can be printed on by special machines interfaced with computers. The print quality depends on the number of columns per inch (cpi). A 10 cpi print gives a good finish on most awnings. A 25 cpi print gives a very fine finish to the awnings.

In some states you need a permit for putting up awnings. Though for most residential awnings permit is not required and is restricted only for commercial awnings.

Shutters Hinges That Do More Than Hang Shutters


Shutter hinges are just a necessary piece of hardware to hold the shutter to the wall, right? No so. There is much more to the shutter hinge than you might imagine. A brief look at the applications and style choices should shed some light on this affordable DIY home improvement project.

Styles through the Ages

For many homes now, shutters are simply an aesthetic feature to the home. Sometimes they are used as interior window treatments. But it wasn’t always this way. Shutters used to be an important feature in keeping the home dry and safe during a storm.

Exterior shutters were able to be closed from inside the house by pulling a knob and securing a latch. When closed, precious and expensive glass was protected from breaking during strong winds. Such storm shutters are still used, even though their make up has changed dramatically. In parts of the world where there are months of hurricane threats, shutters help protect the homeowner’s biggest investment from damage from the storm.

The hinges on shutters have also changed. Some are hidden and purely functional. In the past, shutter hinges were made of cast iron and could endure any kind of beating. Reproductions of the styles and materials of yesteryear are still available today to make a home renovation authentic even down to the smallest detail.

The styles of shutter hinges that were most commonly used were the strap style and the Mortise hinges. The strap hinge is a narrow bar type bracket that starts out wider and tapers off as it reaches into the shutter face. Often it would have a spade-shaped decorative feature at the end as well to dress up the front of the shutter.

The Hardware Behind the Shutter Hinges
The Mortise shutter hinge was even fancier. It resembles an “N” shape as it joins the shutter to the wall surface. These were also made of cast iron and designed to hold up to weight and the pressure of winds. Each style allowed for easy swinging open and shut of the shutter from the inside of the house.

Shutter Hinges with Modern Uses These replica hinges are a beautiful way to renovate in an authentic way. But if you like a sleeker, more modern look for a newer home, then shutter hinges are designed to accommodate that preference. These modern designs can be completely invisible on the face of the shutter. A middle ground option is to use a decorative brass or nickel finished hinge that does show but it not terribly ornate. This can add the dressing of jewellery to accessorize the shutter and compliment the room, while still having a sleek look.

Shutters offer a great alternative to window blinds. They can be made of wood, PVC composite material, or metal. Each has its own advantages and unique look. Wood is timeless, but can be high maintenance with painting. Metal can get dented and look worn. PVC seems to be the best low maintenance and have lasting good looks out of the three material types. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Timber Blinds For Your Window Treatment?

Are you thinking about getting wooden window blinds  for your home but not sure if it is the right choice? Wood blinds have long been the favored selection in window treatments for many people. Such blinds are cost-effective, visually confident and need very little in the means of upkeep. Moreover, timber blinds provide everything that you would expect out of a window treatment – sufficient insulation, light control and privacy together with some action of safety and security.

How do timber blinds compare with other window coverings in the market?

Currently, it would seem basic enough however wood continues to be to be an excellent and also proven option when it comes to window treatments and provides a variety of advantages over its synthetic counterparts.

According to reputable distributors of window blinds online such as “Shutters Australia“, wood blinds are trendy which is always an advantage, but such blinds are more than almost appearances. Wooden blinds provide exceptional light control and also allows you to handle the quantity of light entering. Such a benefit is crucial particularly in the summer when you certainly would not intend to be exposed to way too much sunlight which can be hazardous to the skin and makes an area just plain unpleasant.

Another significant advantage to Timber blinds is the measure of privacy that it supplies. In many cases, home windows alone are not nearly enough to stop being seen by onlookers from the outside. Such situations can be a problem specifically when your activities conveniently offered for everyone to see in addition to your belongings that you have in the house. Wood blinds give total personal privacy as well as makes you a much less likely target for theft as well as break-ins.

So there you have it – a few great reasons to buy hardwood Venetian blinds! Before you purchase, you would do well to learn more about such window treatments by checking out websites such as that delve into the matter.

Choosing The Canvas For Your Awning

The main factor for canvas awnings or a home awning, it is to choose to do in PVC, because will be light and malleable.

Between their advantages, we have the following ones.

It’s resistant to the UV rays allows any color they possess some protection coatings, as the following:

    • Not to allow the fire propagation
    • With blockade against UV rays (with great resistance against the effects of the ultraviolet rays that discolor along the time)
    • Fungicides (addictive that avoid the formation of mold and stains)
    • Non oxidizer, to avoid the appearance of iron stains
    • Addictive to avoid negative effects to the aesthetics and the brightness, that could damage the coating and to reduce the useful life of the canvas)
    • A varnish layer or lacquer in the coating (the varnish is not only designated for protection of the canvas from the UV rays but also improves the self-cleaning characteristics; one of the used material for that is the Tedlar).
    • If you choose the canvas of your awning taking the above suggestions, certainly you will have an awning with excellent useful life, allowing the change of the canvas to be in a much larger period than the standard one.

Those two decisions
A good choice of the canvas awning type. Cleaning of the awning at each 3 or 4 weeks will give you a very larger useful life for your awning.

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